Hedreich Nichols


One Singer Under Many Groovy Hats

In addition to doing the endspurt boogie on her upcoming album, Hedreich has spent the month playing aunt, teacher, surrogate mom, godmom, drummer, nurse, as well as a host of other varied and interesting stuff. All that in a month having 3 vacation weeks! But the work is paying off. Fans will be glad to know that the sound coming out of Soundcheck studio is exceptional, a Hedreich you know but like you’ve heard her before. Hmmm, what does that mean? Welllll, buy the CD and find out! It’s due out about the time the first snowdrops push up through last of the the mountain snow. Oh, and if you’re in Basel on November 14th, stop by Tibiz. We’re trying to do the gig again–this time without police intervention!

Back to the Grind

The Houston Gospel Music Legends event hosted by Kurt Carr and Yolanda Adams was an extravaganza extrordinaire. As a presenter, Hedreich’s role was relaxed enough so that she could enjoy the festivities of the evening with “Legends” she’s known since childhood. One of the event’s highlights was Hedreich sitting in as drummer on the award winning “Order My Steps” sung by Barbara Johnson Tucker, who happens to be Hedreich’s Godmother. It goes without saying that presenting the BC&S Music Excellence award on behalf of her mother–Brenda Waters– was a very special honor.
Now safely again ensconced in the Swiss Alps, the unpacking will have to wait. In addition to all the vacation paperwork piles, Hedreich has been invited to work on a Michael Jackson tribute project with Al Walser, Nubya, Phil and Tanya Dankner and Jesse Brown. The project is spearheaded by Jermaine Jackson and is slated to be released for August 29th, Michael Jackson’s birthday. Check back in a few days to see how the session went. In the mean time, we’ll keep a light on for ya…